Bonus Episode: There Is Joy in Mudville

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John Thorn and friendGo deeper on this week’s episode, “The Mighty Casey,” with longer interviews and behind-the-scenes stories. Guests are official MLB historian John Thorn and Joanne Hulbert, the town historian of Holliston, Mass. — aka the “real” Mudville.

At right, John Thorn poses in his Catskill, N.Y., house with a figure he calls George Wood, “after the 1880s outfielder.” The figure was a gift from the staff of Total Sports Publishing, a publishing house Thorn ran in the late ’90s and early ’00s. “I suppose I could call him Mini Me.”

In this bonus episode, hear longer versions of host King Kaufman’s interviews with Thorn and Hulbert about “Casey at the Bat.” Also: King reads some poetry! Two highlights from the many parodies and sequels that followed the publication of “Casey at the Bat” in 1888. It’s not so bad, really. And: Learn more about Thorn’s house, and King’s plan for it.

For more on the historical figures in the “Casey at the Bat” story, see the Episode 1 show notes.

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