All 12 Episodes in Order

Podcast apps and this blog show you the Can’t Win 4 Losing podcast in reverse order. Here’s a handy guide to the episodes in the order they were published. Each post has a player and links to the episode on various podcast apps.

Episode 1: The Mighty Casey — Casey at the Bat
Episode 2: The Stanley Can and the Worst Season Ever
Episode 3: Casey Stengel — How to Learn By Losing
Episode 4: At Long Last – The Cavaliers, the Warriors and the Cubs
Episode 5: Breaking Up — San Diego’s Life After the Chargers
Episode 6: Zippy Chippy—Legendary Loser
Episode 7: My Fault: The Trey Junkin Story
Episode 8: Futbol Americano and Paulie Soda
Episode 9: We Kicked It Like National Champions
Episode 10: Killer Weight Loss Secrets: Fighters Cutting Weight
Episode 11: You’ve Got to Lose to Learn How to Win: Diego Luke’s Story
Episode 12: Anthony Hembrick, Godfather of KTFO