Episode 4: At Long Last – The Cavaliers, the Warriors and the Cubs

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LeBron James
LeBron James (Photo: Keith Allison/CC BY-SA 2.0)

You spend a lifetime as the long-suffering fan of a losing team. It shapes who you are. And then: They win it all! Authors Scott Raab (The Whore of Akron, You’re Welcome Cleveland) on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Barry Gifford (The Neighborhood of Baseball, Wild at Heart) on the Chicago Cubs. Plus: Host King Kaufman visits yet another championship parade for his once-hapless Golden State Warriors.

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Scott Raab
Scott Raab
Barry Gifford
Barry Gifford, 2006

I interviewed Barry Gifford at his writing studio in Berkeley, Calif., the in-law apartment of a house he owns there, and Scott Raab in the attic of his house in Glen Ridge, N.J. In both cases, I made the rookie podcaster mistake of forgetting to ask if I could take a photo. I had a quick selfie Raab had texted me so I would recognize him when he picked me up at the train station. I told him I realized that probably wasn’t for public consumption and asked if he wanted to send me a different photo. So he sent me a different quick selfie. The Gifford photo is by Tabercil (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0).

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Warriors Championship Parade

Warriors parade
A vendor at the Golden State Warriors championship parade in Oakland, June 15, 2017. Click for a gallery of photos from the parade.


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His latest album is called Waiting For the Train.

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